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3 ways a PEO can help reduce risk for your small business

PEO - Running your own business can be incredibly rewarding – you wake up each day knowing that you get to do what you love with your dream team. Managing that dream team also comes with a laundry list of cumbersome but necessary tasks like hiring and firing...
employers hiring a new employee

Complete These 6 Tasks Prior to Hiring Your First Employee

The decision to hire the first employee is a big one that often comes a business owner whose business has grown to the point where they need a little more assistance. While this is an exciting time – and excellent news for the company – it can also be overwhelming. ...
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Key topics explored in this blog As a result of the pandemic, many employees are considering career moves at considerably higher rates than in the past The key to fighting the labor crisis for employers will be focusing on retention Employers should consider expanding...


PTO in a Pandemic

PTO in a Pandemic

Many Americans breathed a proverbial sigh relief when Congress passed the Families First Corona Virus Response Act (FFCRA) earlier this year. In...

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