“I could not be happier with the service my organization receives from Erigo Employer Solutions. Communication is the key to good customer service and the team at Erigo gets that. My emails and phone calls are answered the same day, if not within the hour. It is clear the Erigo team members stay in constant communication with each other so that no matter who is helping me, everyone is up to speed and my time is not wasted. My organization changed payroll processing providers simply to get better customer service, and the team at Erigo has proven to me that we made the right choice.”

Alicia Krall
Deputy Director
The Carnegie

“Developing a business partnership with Erigo Employer Solutions is probably one of the best decisions I have ever made as a CEO. Our organization has been able to dramatically reduce our staffing demands related to key functions in the area of human resources while improving our overall compliance. This has also resulted in a significant cost saving for our organization.”

Owen T. Nichols, Psy.D., MBA, NHA, CPM, ABPP, ABMP
NorthKey Community Care

“Erigo was first a client of Waddell Solutions, but as we grew it was apparent their unique service set would provide great help with our HR and Payroll needs. Being more than just an payroll processing company, the HR aspect allows us to focus on our clients and growing our business while letting Erigo handle all of our HR needs. Charlie and his team are always there when we need something, no matter how large or small.”

Jeff Waddell
Waddell Solutions Group