Workers’ Compensation Insurance Coverage

iconYour business represents a huge investment in both time and financial resources. As part of that investment, you depend upon your employees to remain motivated and healthy to help build and continue the success of the business. Your workers’ compensation insurance can be critical to that success. Workers’ compensation insurance can be both an additional employee benefit, just as health insurance or retirement, and the safety net for both the company as well as the employee should an on-the-job injury occur. Your workers’ compensation insurance covers your liability in these events and provides compensation for your employee during time of injury.

If you choose Erigo as a PEO partner, your employees will be added as employees on Erigo's workers' compensation insurance policy, providing your company with compliant coverage to meet your legal obligations as an employer.

Workers Compensation Claims Administration

Workers’ compensation insurance is a crucial part of any organization’s risk management. Further, it is mandated by state law. Erigo is able to furnish and manage workers’ compensation benefits for our clients by establishing all appropriate co-employment relationships with employees. We can also provide:

  • Claims Filing and Monitoring
  • Safety and Loss Control Assistance
  • Post-Accident Drug Testing