Erigo Direct - Web-Based HRMS

iconErigo Direct is Erigo’s online human resources management system (HRMS) designed to allow the client to manage human resources information without purchasing and hosting a complicated software package. Erigo Direct gives clients the ability to manage HR, payroll, time and attendance, benefits, workers’ compensation, applicant tracking, job posting, regulatory compliance and employment forms in a fully integrated, single-entry web-based platform. Erigo Direct is produced as a modular package that incorporates highly sophisticated business rules; this allows clients to select various HR modules that will leverage their internal resources to manage their basic operations. During the life cycle of an employee, a plethora of documentation is created.

Erigo Direct provides an electronic platform to consolidate all employment related documentation into one place. The documentation of employment actions is facilitated, helping protect clients from potential liabilities. Files are automatically stored for the appropriate government timelines.

The move towards knowledge-based systems, in which human capital is one of the most valuable assets of the organization, is prompting a shift in both the way HR departments are approaching their roles and the value of the department itself. Organizations are asking their HR departments to become more strategic and to make a greater contribution to strategy formulation, but at the same time to cut operating costs dramatically. As a result, many HR departments are looking to transform themselves from admin-heavy, low value-added organizations to lean, streamlined teams capable of delivering outstanding service to employees while having the time to concentrate more fully on people strategy. The implementation of a fully-integrated, centralized Human Resources Management System provides the ideal technological foundation for moving human resources forward.

Human Resources

Erigo Direct features a comprehensive online HRIMS management system that tracks and delivers employee data, and facilitates employer-communication. Through a user friendly online interface, employers can track items including vacation, PTO, FMLA, employee basic data, benefit enrollment, and much more. Erigo Direct gives employers a venue to deliver customized information to your employees, including benefits, handbooks, procedure manuals, training materials, and forms. By giving employees online access to this material 24/7, your HR department eliminates time consuming inquires, allowing them to focus on core HR management issues.

Our HR Management module connects all aspects of human resources, from job application to retirement. The system records basic demographics and address data, selection, training and development, capabilities and skills management, compensation planning records, vacation and sick days, performance reviews, as well as training and management of benefits. All of this information is shared and updated throughout the enterprise, without the need for redundant data entry. Erigo Direct’s leading edge system provides the ability to "read" applications and enter relevant data to applicable database fields, instantly notifying employers and providing position management and position control.

Employee Onboarding

Streamline your new hire process with an onboarding module that allows you to instantly deliver the forms and documents you need to onboard new employees online. Erigo Direct offers an onboarding module designed for businesses that want to reduce the costs, time, and errors associated with new employee onboarding. With it, companies can provide all the forms and documents required to onboard new employees in a paperless electronic format for employees to fill out and sign for.

Because forms are filled out and tracked online, HR staff can easily distribute and retrieve employee onboarding forms and see the status of each form in real time as employees complete them. Best of all, onboarding employees only need to answer questions once, making the process quicker and easier for them to complete. Once entered and saved, updating and resubmitting forms is simple for both employees and HR staff. All forms are populated, signed electronically, and viewable in a legible, familiar HTML format.

Benefits for HR staff:

  1. Eliminate errors with accurate, legible online forms in HTML format.
  2. Configure the module with your company's particular onboarding workflow, including the option to add special requirements for specific employees or departments on demand.
  3. Review/retrieve forms with the click of a button.
  4. Reduce cost of paper, printing, folders and storage.
  5. Improve risk management and compliance.
  6. Spend less time handling new hire paperwork and more time on strategic HR activities.
  7. Electronic storage makes benefit open enrollment a snap.
  8. Print forms on demand.


Benefits for employees:

  1. Questions are asked just once, reducing errors and time spent finding answers.
  2. Secure password-protected accounts.
  3. Save data at any step and return when convenient.
  4. Status changes and open enrollment are quick and easy.
  5. Electronic signature and submission.
  6. Printed forms are available on demand.



The payroll module automates the pay process by gathering data on employee time and attendance, calculating various deductions and taxes, and generating periodic paychecks and employee tax reports. Data is pulled from the additions, deletions, and changes in the human resources, time keeping modules, and benefits enrollment modules in order to calculate payroll and update payroll reports. Employees can view copies of their pay stubs online by payroll date. The payroll module is integrated with Erigo’s payroll service and allows immediate access to payroll information.

Time and Labor Management

The Time and Labor Management module utilizes new technology and methods (time collection devices), such as online time clocks, that will allow employees to access their time information through their own home page, enabling them to review their punches and notify employers and managers of any changes. Erigo Direct also offers online time sheets and swipe time clocks to cost effectively gather and evaluate employees’ time/work information. Our easy to use system eliminates the need to spreadsheet and manually total hours, freeing up much of your valuable time, and at payroll time, your employees' hours are already totaled and ready for submission to payroll. Erigo Direct’s advanced modules provide broad flexibility in data collection methods, as well as labor distribution capabilities and data analysis features.

Benefits Administration

The Benefit Administration module permits HR professionals to easily administer and track employee participation in benefits programs, ranging from healthcare plans, dental plans, vision, group insurance, and pension plans, to profit sharing or stock option plans. This module also updates benefits matrix reports such as consolidated billing reports, company census information and benefit statements to name a few.

Forms Center

The Forms Center module can contain all of a company’s forms for distribution, population, reporting management, and archiving. Examples of such forms include hiring paperwork, termination paperwork, carrier applications, performance review forms, time off requests, and any paper that the employer uses for the management of its human capital.

Workers Compensation

The Workers’ Compensation module provides for the reporting and tracking of all Workers’ Comp claims, interplay with FMLA, populates OSHA 300 and 3001 logs, and tracks the history and disposition of all claims.

Applicant Tracking

The Job Applicant Tracking module was designed to manage and automate each aspect of the recruiting and hiring process, including posting jobs, managing vendors, the screening and tracking of applicants, and EEO reporting. Once the application is approved and hired, the manager simply clicks a button to load an applicant to the correct department and/or location, and the application loads to the database for completion of the initial hiring process, with the delivering of all forms, benefits information, employee manuals and other information that the company may want to provide the employee.


The Compliance Center module keeps the company connected to all state and federal compliance issues, such as compliance assistance for Consumer Health and Welfare plans, COBRA, FMLA, Laws & Regulations, Federal Resource Databases, State Resource Databases by State, ERISA, FLSA, and OSHA.


The Reporting modules update instantly as the actual workflow processes are completed. The system contains hundreds of reports, such as job applicant’s reports, benefit enrollment reports, terminated employee tracking reports, and many others. Reports can be customized based on which clients require.


The COBRA module provides for the administration of the Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act's (COBRA) notice requirements, tracking, and reporting of all Qualified Events, COBRA payments, and tracking of participants.


The Communications modules allow the employer to capture employee emails for quicker communication of employer related updates and notifications. Emails can be sent to a single employee, all employees in a department, or all employees in a location, and can be managed through the system. Company news can be delivered by online bulletin boards that can be changed on the fly and linked to time clock logins or the employee’s home page. The Knowledge Base and Knowledge Search function allow the company to load a question and answer search engine on the site for employees’ most asked questions. Alerts can remind managers of performance reviews, benefit enrollment dates, training dates, and any time line the employer or manager needs to be reminded of. Alerts can be one time or recurring, and can be changed as situations alter to alert current events.