At Erigo, our hearts are heavy as we struggle to make sense of the tragic deaths of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, and so many others. These incidents, along with the images of clashes between protesters and police, are deeply troubling and have caused us to reflect on our understanding of systemic racism in our community and nation.

As a company, Erigo strives to operate according to its corporate values, one of which is kindness. Our values statement reads, “[w]e have a deep respect for all people. With grace and humility, we look for and embrace opportunities to help others.”

While striving to be our kindest selves, we believe we have an obligation to speak out against hate in all forms. We must support one another as allies and advocate for a community that embraces equality, compassion, and unity.

There is much progress to be made. Our team is hopeful that our local communities and nation will pull together to move forward, heal, listen, learn, and grow. Erigo is committed to contributing to forward progress and stamping out the diseases of racism, hate, bias, and violence. As an organization, we will lead by example and encourage our partners to come together to continue to make progress towards building a stronger community.